AGM batteries for motorcycles


AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries offer several advantages for motorcycles compared to other types of batteries:

Increased durability

AGM batteries have a longer service life than conventional lead-acid batteries. They can last up to twice as long as conventional batteries.

Increased vibration resistance:

AGM batteries are designed to withstand extreme vibrations, making them ideal for motorcycles that experience constant vibrations while in motion.

Faster charge:

AGM batteries have a higher charge rate than conventional lead-acid batteries. This means they charge faster and are ready to use in less time.

Under maintenance:

AGM batteries are sealed, so they do not require regular maintenance like conventional lead-acid batteries which need to be filled with distilled water on a regular basis.

Increased starting capacity:

AGM batteries have a higher starting capacity than conventional lead-acid batteries. This means they can provide more power to start the motorcycle in extreme conditions, such as extreme cold.

In short, the machinery and apparatus they are an excellent choice for motorcycles due to their durability, vibration resistance, fast loading, low maintenance and high starting capacity.

In, you will find a wide selection of AGM batteries for motorcycles and scooters from the best brands and at the best prices transport and VAT included in Spain and Portugal.

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