Battery for the Yamaha FZ1 1000 N
Battery for the Yamaha FZ1 1000 N

Lithium battery YTZ14S Skyrich motorcycle

VAT included

The latest in motorcycle batteries

Power, durability and minimal self-discharge activated and ready to install on the motorcycle, it does not need to handle any type of acid, being a battery without maintenance for its entire life.

Includes bolts and nuts for mounting

Technical specifications

Volts: 12 

What is it 60  Start up: 300

Measures 150x87x93mm .

Weight: 1,100 grams

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Lithium battery YTZ14S Skyrich motorcycle

Lithium battery YTZ14S Skyrich motorcycle

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What You Need to Know About Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Before Buying One.


What are the advantages of lithium batteries?

Extremely lightweight, for example, a 16 amp-hour AGM battery weighs 5 kg. A lithium battery Skyrich with the same characteristics weighs 800 grams with the integrated BMS battery management system.

Very high starting power in relation to size and weight.

Very low self-discharge rate (about 3% each month).

Very small size.

No internal liquids or acids may be spilled; It can be mounted in any orientation.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 lithium batteries do not produce explosive gases like hydrogen when charged or discharged.

Very fast charging times, usually a discharged battery can be fully recharged in 1-2 hours. In comparison, a discharged lead-acid battery will take more than 12 hours to charge to full capacity.

Far superior reliability and very long service life compared to lead-acid batteries. The expected lifespan for the motorcycle lithium battery (with an integrated BMS) is 5 to 10 years!

Lower annual cost than lead-acid batteries.


Lightweight and high starting power?

A battery, for example, from the Yuasa brand of 12V and 16Ah. It weighs more than 5kg and is rated at 200 amps cold starting. The Skyrich lithium battery replacement for the same bike is rated at 270 cold cranking amps and 360 PCA. Incredibly, it weighs only 1.4 kg.
* For racing use, we recommend LITHIUM batteries, they lighten the weight of the bike by 5-8 kilos.

Loading times?

LiFePO4 LITHIUM batteries have extremely fast charging times. Usually, within 5 minutes of starting the motorcycle, the battery will have fully recovered the capacity that was used to start the motorcycle.

A battery that has been discharged to the point where it can no longer spin the starter motor can normally be fully charged with a 3 amp OPTIMATE or JMP charger in just 1-2 hours. In comparison, a discharged lead-acid battery will take more than 12 hours to charge to full capacity.

Do lithium batteries really have superior reliability and longer lifespan compared to lead-acid batteries?

Customers can expect a LITHIUM battery to last 5 to 10 years.  The latest surveys of standard battery users show that more than 21% of lead-acid batteries fail in the first two years of life, 37% have failed in just 3 years. In order of comparison and records show the failure rate. Lithium batteries Skyrich LiFePO4 for motorcycles is less than 2% in the first two years.


What about self-discharge rates?

Due to the high self-discharge rates of lead-acid batteries and the periodic or seasonal use of motorcycles, more experienced motorcycle owners usually purchase a smart lead-acid battery charger to maintain and condition their batteries so that they are always on point. Good quality smart chargers, such as the OPTIMATE or JMP brands, usually cost as much as the purchase price of a lead-acid battery.

Lithium batteries have a very low self-discharge rate. A lithium battery will typically be able to sit on a shelf uncharged for six months and will still be able to start your motorcycle. For this reason, most customers don't bother to buy a smart battery charger for LITHIUM batteries.

What is the cost comparison of lead-acid batteries vs. lithium batteries Skyrich?

Bikers as a race are quick to adopt new technologies... and save costs. It used to be that racers were the ones who bought lithium batteries to save weight on their bike... but already today both Turing commuters and weekend bikers are now buying lithium batteries to save money. In fact, we sell many times more lithium batteries to private motorbike or scooter users than to racers.

Most people have the bike for a few years and most motorcyclists have found that the annual cost of short-lived lead acid is quite expensive compared to the annual cost of having a Skyrich lithium battery that will last between 5 and 10 years. Especially if they also count into the cost of buying a smart charger, that costs as much as the purchase price of a lead acid battery.

Many homeowners will find that a LiFePO4 Skyrich battery will prove to be the cheapest option.

Skyrich Lithium
Capacity in Amps (Ah)
Capacity in watts (W)
Starting power (ACE)
Disposition of terminals
Positive Left
Length (mm)
Width ((mm)
Weight (kg)
Lithium LiFePO4
No maintenance
Type of application
Start the car
Main use
Other applications
Quad/ ATV/ Watercraft/ Snowmobile/ Shovel, and so on.
Guarantee (months)

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