Battery for the Yamaha WR 250 F

Motorcycle lithium battery JMT HJZ7S-FP

VAT included


Lithium battery for motor scooter

Volts: 12 of them What is it 28,80 Measurements: 113x69x105mm .

The four main advantages of for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles [1] they are: High starting powerminimal self-discharge, high durability and very low weight.

** Includes mounting bolts and nuts

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Motorcycle lithium battery JMT HJZ7S-FP

Motorcycle lithium battery JMT HJZ7S-FP

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In terms of performance the batteries of lithium they outperform lead-acid batteries in every way 80% lighter, have up to a 70% more starting power, lower self-discharge, can be stored for one year without losing their charge. These data on lithium batteries they're very attractive, but actually the amazing thing is when you get on the motorcycle, right now you're going to discover the excellent advantages which can provide lithium to your motorcycle or scooter, snowmobile, quad, etc.


Who's the battery manufacturer JMT?

J. Matthies GmbHJMT) is a german manufacturer for more than eight decades, it has been the European reference in the world of motorcycle spare parts. It is well-versed in the motorcycle battery sectora battery JMT the original of LITIUM par excellence.


Is it true the power of lithium on a motorcycle?

We complain a lot because the battery we have installed in our motorcycle doesn't deliver the power we want for start the engine, this problem with lithium batteries is solved by providing a unlimited starting power, no matter the engine displacement, there is a lithium battery model available for virtually the 99% of the motorcycles on the market.


These batteries weigh practically nothing

A very important factor THE WEIGHT especially in the motorcycles of type R (Racing), how many times riders of this type of motorcycle exchange parts for lighter materials like carbon fiber or titanium that are worth hundreds of euros and all this to reduce weight on the motorcycle and thus gain speed, with lithium batteries this issue is solved. Lead-acid batteries weigh between 3 and 10 kilos depending on the amperes, in lithium the most powerful does not reach 2 kilos, for a reduced amount we got off our bike five to 10 kilos, gaining more speed.


Safety of lithium batteries on your motorcycle

Another very important advantage of lithium to consider for its safety, Do not contain liquids or hazardous materials like acids or lead, the composition of lithium develops from minerals such as salt, metal and coal among others, completely dry has no danger of spillage in case of breakage by fall or accident. And it is 100% fully recyclable


Lithium replacement compatibility with lead acid batteries with its experience, it has carefully selected a wide range of lithium batteries JMT if you have a high-quality battery that covers 100% of the motorcycles on the market, choose the battery that best suits your motorcycle in technical characteristics and enjoy unlimited power and durability.


Direct guarantee of JMT

Knowing the proven quality of their Lithium batteries JMT, the manufacturer offers 24 months warranty (2 years) for a manufacturing defect, currently being the brand with the longest warranty on lithium batteries.

It has all the quality control and environmental protection certificates required by the EU.

JMT Lithium
Capacity in Amps (Ah)
Capacity in watts (W)
Starting power (ACE)
Disposition of terminals
Positive Right
Length (mm)
Width ((mm)
Weight (kg)
Lithium LiFePO4
No maintenance
Type of application
Start the car
Main use
Other applications
Quad/ ATV/ Watercraft/ Snowmobile/ Shovel, and so on.
Guarantee (months)
Compatible batteries

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